This 22" INNOVA Package Includes:

Patented Lightening Stitch & 8 Ft. Frame - $15,990.00
Electric Lift Table - $2,295.00
Pantovision 2 - $2694.00
Light Bar w/ 5 Lights - $875.00
Casters - $350.00
Channel Locks - $875.00
Hand Crank (2) - $100.00
TOTAL = $23,179.00


SALE PRICE - $16,999.00


Enjoy the INNOVA longarm quilting experience on the best quilt machine
in the market today.

The Patented Lightning Stitch will give you the most perfect stitches at any speed. Choose your stitches-per-inch, and quilt like a professional longarm quilter.

The Pantovision 2 Computerized Program allows you to stitch Pantograms from the front of the machine. No quilting from the back of the machine and hoping the pattern looks good in the front when you are done.

The Channel Locks make perfect horizontal or vertical stitch lines,
which are so effective in many modern quilt designs.

The Electric Lift Table makes it easy to adjust the height for your quilting ease.

The Light Bar With 5 Lights is located directly above the machine and is adjustable, which makes it easy to see your work.

The Casters make it easy to move the machine as needed, and lock in place.


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