Janome Free Motion Frame Quilting Set For 1600P #767434005

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Quilting with rulers and templates is a great way to achieve perfect patterns every time. The Ruler Foot attachment to the Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set fits perfetly next to rulers and templates to achieve great results. This set includes ¼"Ruler Foot and Open-Toe Frame Quilting Foot, which are designed secifically for frame quilting, the forte of the new 1600P-QC. The ¼" Ruler Foot as a high 'heel' and ½" diameter for free-motion quilting with a ¼" thick quilt rulers and long arm quilting templates. The Open-toe Frame Quilting foot has an opening that faces sideways to provide a clear view of your work when standing at the handles of a quilt frame.

This accessory works with the following Janome models:

  • 763
  • 806
  • DBJ628
  • DBJ701
  • DBJ706
  • DBJ707
  • DBJ708
  • DBJ806
  • 1600P
  • 1600P-DB
  • 1600P-DBX
  • 1600P-QC